Block IT* Housewrap

Drainage Wrap 
  • BLOCK-IT* House Wrap is a drainage wrap, eliminating the need for a specialty wrap and is approved for commercial buildings 4 stories and below. •
Exclusive Patented Water Channeling Technology 
  • BLOCK-IT* House Wrap channels over 98% of water away from the wall assembly and onto the ground.
Moisture Vapor Transmission 
  • BLOCK-IT* House Wrap provides excellent breathability, allowing vapors to escape from the wall cavities to help prevent water damage.
  • BLOCK-IT* House Wrap is 40% stronger than the leading brand.
Ideal Air/Water Holdout and Perm Rating 
  • BLOCK-IT* House Wrap technology helps prevent moisture and air from leaking into your structure.
Premium UV Performance 
  • BLOCK-IT* House Wrap is made with UV inhibitors that provide premium UV protection for up to 6 months.
Surfactant Resistance
  • BLOCK-IT* House Wrap protects your structure from oils and power washing soap solutions. 
  • BLOCK-IT* House Wrap resists tears, abrasions, and punctures. It does not snag on nails or equipment.
Made in the USA
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